WebSite Design Crawley

Professional Web development
Designed by Nject | Crawley

We offer bespoke web site designs with your full input. We can use templates (if you see a design you like) or hand coding for a unique site. Also we can use WordPress for a truly user friendly experience plus this give you more control making invoices and uploading new products.

We can do a variety of languages including:

  • HTML5

  • CSS

  • Javascript


Designs for every occasion which includes Customer Registration (use of databases), E-Commerce to enable you to sell your products online (PayPal and Credit Cards) and Form Validation.

All our websites can be adaptive at your request meaning they respond to different screen sizes.

Menus will re-order themselves, images will re-align and even segments can be hidden and replaced with other content for smaller screens if you prefer.

We offer unlimited storage for all your website needs. This also includes:

  • Unlimited email accounts (with your domain i.e. [email protected] / [email protected] etc)

  • Level 3 Performance (max level 5 at a cost)

  • Daily Backups

  • Automatic Updates

  • 10K FTP Accounts

  • Up to 10 Mailing Lists

  • Site Analytics

  • 99.99% Up Time

www.’yoursite’ more

Get your ideal name before it goes, check yours here

You can have as many as you like (priced each separately) and have them all pointing to the same website so which ever name gets typed in, they will be re-directed to the same website.

All your emails can be sent to your mobile devices, either through email forwarding or directly.

Instructions can be sent to you on request for any mobile device.

You can have links to all your Social Media Sites. You can even have your posts be automatically updated to your website.

You can have testimonials and even blogs.

This is the key to getting your website higher up the rankings when searched for.

We use the latest guidelines which include wording, links (both internal and external), site content, pictures and more.

There is also Adwords, this will place your site at the top of the search however this can be costly but is a way to guarantee your placement.

A fully responsive website that works on any device.

Images and videos automatically resize, elements can appear or disappear if desired.

Re-size your browser or turn your device to see the responsive qualities of this website.

A perfect solution to selling your products online.

Most people are buying goods online than ever before and we can offer you safe and secure online payments direct to your bank.

A fully manageable shop which you can update yourself if desired.

We use WordPress which gives you full control and management of your own content.

You can upload pictures, videos, feeds, products or anything you need for your site.

This is held in one easy to manage place, you can upload directly through WordPress or even via FTP if you wish.